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Peter Johnston
Dr. Peter Johnston
Linda Johnston
Linda Johnston
Janet Crow
Janet Crow
Cactus Moon Education LLC (CME) is a limited liability company focused on providing reliable information on clean and renewable energy technologies for education.

The company is wholly owned by Dr. Peter Johnston, Mrs. Linda Johnston and Mrs. Janet Crow.

Peter Johnston and Janet Crow were the creators of Arizona Public Service Company's (APS) renewable energy education program - "The Road to Renewable Energy" which was made available to teachers within the APS service territory in Arizona. Since leaving APS they recognized a need for similar educational materials that could be made available on a national level.

CME is currently creating education "modules" addressing Solar Energy, Solar Photovoltaic Technologies, Solar Thermal Technologies, Geothermal Technologies, Wind Technologies, Hydropower Technologies, Bio-Fuel Technologies, Biomass Technologies, Bio-Gas Technologies, Combined Cycle Power Plants and Carbon Capture and Sequestration.

In addition to providing appropriate classroom materials for teachers, CME believes that face to face teacher training is an ideal way of introducing teachers to the relatively new concepts surrounding clean and renewable energy sources and their uses. This is also an ideal way of introducing teachers to additional (reliable) information sources that they can use on a daily basis in presenting this type of material in their classroom environments.

For information about our products and services, please see our Brochures Page.

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